Josh Howard and the Ticket

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I got a chance to head over to 1310 The Ticket and hear the guys talk about the latest Josh Howard debacle.

If you haven’t heard, apparently Mavs forward Josh Howard said some things on why he doesn’t celebrate the National Anthem. But, he said on camera, and POOF!, it was on YouTube. (fast forward to 1:40, but be warned, it’s got some bad words. Words that, if your speakers are up loud at work, will earn you a trip to HR.)

The guys on BaD Radio, Bob, Dan and Donovan, had a segment on Howard’s latest antics.

The guys were hilarious. Plus, they wear shorts/t-shirts to work, which would make anyone jealous.

But most of all, they put things in perspective that most fans can relate to.

I was a fan of the station and show anyways, but I’d like to thank the crew (Tom and Grubes, too. ) for letting me and Ivory be a fly on the wall. One day, when I grow up, I’ll become a P1.


PS–I now know who “Scoops Callahan” really is. Hilarious!


Illinois’ Governor loves him some T.O.

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Here’s the video I promised of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich at the Cowboys open practice this week.

He admits he’s a Cowboys fan, but a Bears fan first. And he’s a Tony Romo fan (East Illinois).

But….he LOVES him some T.O.!

Watch the video here:

So, what do you think? Leave a comment.

Want to see the Dallas Cowboys and get autographs?

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Need a Dallas Cowboys fix?

Couldn’t make it Oxnard to see the team practice?

Tired of seeing them on TV?

Then go see them LIVE!

The Dallas Cowboys are holding a FREE public practice at Texas Stadium!

You can watch Terrell, Tony, Adam, Flozell and all the Cowboys in person, on the field!

But wait, there’s more!

Fans can get Cowboy Cheerleader autographs and enjoy live entertainment!

Gates open at 430pm, practice starts at 7pm, and run to 9pm.

A bunch of old Cowboy greats will be there to sign autographs, including:

  • John Gesek
  • Walt Garrison
  • Bob Lilly
  • Pettis Norman
  • Raghib Ismail
  • Billy Joe Dupree
  • Russell Maryland
  • Eugene Lockhart
  • Calvin Hill
  • Robert Newhouse
  • Cliff Harris
  • Preston Pearson
  • Jay Saldi
  • Cornell Green
  • Charlie Waters
  • John Niland
  • Tony Dorsett
  • Rayfield Wright
  • Lee Roy Jordan
  • Ed “Too Tall” Jones
  • Mel Renfro
  • Jethro Pugh
  • Randy White
  • Expect a HUGE crowd!

    Plano West + Princeton = Puzzling Post

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    Gawker has a story about a Plano West grad/Princeton University freshman. She calls herself Stephany Her RoyalHighness on Facebook.

    Turns out, SHRH (shorter version) either loves satire or will be all of our bosses some day. In a mini-manifesto on the Princeton Class of 2012 Facebook page, she says:

    “…do not let ANYONE tell you that you are not better than them, because you are. We are the elite, we are the 0.0000001% of the world who have spent the last four years of our lives either blackmailing or working our a**es off. There was something that got you here—whether it was daddy’s money or your #1 ranking in the nation, you are here and you are better.”

    Her diatribe was posted on a blog covering everything Ivy League. You can read the rest of it here, but be warned, it uses some cuss words. I’m just warning you.

    Gawker pokes some fun at Plano in the story. The site then proceeds to call her either really into herself, crazy, or a combo of the both (notice the Harvard comma there? ZING! Anyone…anyone?).

    Then, SHRH goes on to say the newest incoming class at Princeton will change the world, like Napolean, Alexander the Great, and Hitler. Yup. She said it. Like Hitler. That’s not a good thing. I don’t know anyone who wants to be mentioned in the same breath as Hitler. Ever.

    Info on Bus Wreck for Families

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    We found out today that the bus company operating illegally, actually had two buses on the road to Carthage, Missouri.

    Here’s some info for people with loved ones involved:


    1-866-GET-INFO—Red Cross number for families of victims.

    903-217-7651–Sherman PD number for victims/family members to get back some of their luggage/property.

    Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

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    Here are some of the questions going into training camp for the Dallas Cowboys:

    –Is Terry Glenn going to sign his contract?

    –Will Tony Romo win a playoff game (notice how it’s not “will the Cowboys make the playoff?”)?

    –Is T.O. going to carve a place for himself in the Ring of Honor with his play this year?

    –Are the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders going to continue their strong performance AGAIN this year.

    I can only answer one question…the last one.


    *photo courtesy of new KXAS Weekend Sports Anchor, Matt Barrie.

    A Bird Named Omar

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    I received an email over the weekend from a viewer. She wasn’t cursing at me, or angry with me because I did a story, so that in itself makes the email stick out.

    Instead, she had something funny to tell me:

    “Just wanted to tell you I got a beautiful “red-factor” canary yesterday and was searching for a name for him. I told my husband a couple of weeks ago when I saw you reporting, that I really like your name. Again last night I was reminded of it when I saw another report by you. So I named him after you.”

    So now, here’s this fine looking animal, if I don’t say so myself….

    That’s “Omar” in the cage. Here’s a pic of him without bars in the way:

    I’m obviously excited about this. I hear “Omar” sings like Justin Timberlake, flies like an eagle, and is feared by lesser birds, cats and snakes.

    Here are some other “Omar” characters in the news…some famous….others infamous.

    Omar Abdel-Rahman, AKA “The Blind Sheik”: Serving life in prison in connection with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Not really doing the name “Omar” any favors.

    Omar Minaya, GM of the New York Mets: Not a bad “Omar”, although he raised eyebrows when he fired the Mets skipper this year….on the road…..and told the press at 3 in the morning.

    General Omar Bradley: West Point grad and led the U-S Army during WWII. 

    Omar Sharif, Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe Winning Actor: Starred in Dr. Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia.  He’s also a master bridge player.


    Burglarizing works up an appetite

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    Last week, a woman on Trail Glen Drive in Dallas was burglarized. Someone broke into her place, stole a DVD player, a bicycle, and get this, a hot dog and a hot dog bun.

    Don’t believe me? Check out the Dallas Police Dept offense report.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love hot dogs. All types. Chicago-style. Chili-cheese. Hot dogs with onions. All of them. Especially if they look like this…

    but…are thieves actually looking for electronics, cash and processed meat? Apparently, it’s getting hard out here for a thief.

    The best part of the police report (did I just say that?) was that the police actually assigned a price for the hot dog…and the hot dog bun.

    In case it’s recovered, the woman will be paid in full. And if you see the hot dog, call police. It might have looked like this:


    Do beards equal facial radiators?

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    Let me introduce you to a good friend of mine…Kyle.

    He’s a photojournalist in Tulsa…and somewhat of a beard enthusiast.

    I mean he really loves his facial hair.

    Almost to the point where we can track Kyle’s life through his facial hair. Basically… I remember Kyle based on what kind of beard or mustache he was sporting.

    Above is “biker Kyle”. Below, is “proper gentleman Kyle”. Notice the hair:

    Below is “Hippie Kyle”, complete with dazed look:


    And this is Kyle pretending to be Elvis. I’m not sure if this is facial hair, or if he just needs a hair cut:

    I asked Kyle why…in 100 degree heat… he had a beard. Wasn’t the hair trapping heat and melting his face?

    Kyle told me that when he sweats, his scruff actually traps his sweat, and with a slight breeze, cools his face…almost like a car’s radiator.

    I’m telling you this story because apparently, there is a whole chapter on facial hair in the “professional photojournalist” handbook. I say this because I noticed some of NBC 5’s photojournalists growing facial hair.

    This is Victor Dominguez, our Chief Photographer, with some sort of recent growth on his upper lip.

    Check out Brice Hill, with the Red-Headed Shadow on his face:

    This is Kerry Smith. As long as I’ve known him,  he has always had a beard:

     And Mike Grimm has the smallest patch of hair in the world.

    Apparently, there is some sort of beard-bug going on in the photojournalist world.


    Garland Police Officer Crash

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    Scary moments for a Garland police officer. He was on his way to back up another officer when he swerved to miss another car. This happened to the officer:

     (source: Garland PD)

    Notice the patrol unit upside down? The officer was taken by helicopter to the hospital.  Initial reports say he’s in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries. The officer did not have his emergency lights on, and no charges have been filed against the driver of the other car.



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