Josh Howard and the Ticket

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I got a chance to head over to 1310 The Ticket and hear the guys talk about the latest Josh Howard debacle.

If you haven’t heard, apparently Mavs forward Josh Howard said some things on why he doesn’t celebrate the National Anthem. But, he said on camera, and POOF!, it was on YouTube. (fast forward to 1:40, but be warned, it’s got some bad words. Words that, if your speakers are up loud at work, will earn you a trip to HR.)

The guys on BaD Radio, Bob, Dan and Donovan, had a segment on Howard’s latest antics.

The guys were hilarious. Plus, they wear shorts/t-shirts to work, which would make anyone jealous.

But most of all, they put things in perspective that most fans can relate to.

I was a fan of the station and show anyways, but I’d like to thank the crew (Tom and Grubes, too. ) for letting me and Ivory be a fly on the wall. One day, when I grow up, I’ll become a P1.


PS–I now know who “Scoops Callahan” really is. Hilarious!


Illinois’ Governor loves him some T.O.

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Here’s the video I promised of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich at the Cowboys open practice this week.

He admits he’s a Cowboys fan, but a Bears fan first. And he’s a Tony Romo fan (East Illinois).

But….he LOVES him some T.O.!

Watch the video here:

So, what do you think? Leave a comment.

Plano West + Princeton = Puzzling Post

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Gawker has a story about a Plano West grad/Princeton University freshman. She calls herself Stephany Her RoyalHighness on Facebook.

Turns out, SHRH (shorter version) either loves satire or will be all of our bosses some day. In a mini-manifesto on the Princeton Class of 2012 Facebook page, she says:

“…do not let ANYONE tell you that you are not better than them, because you are. We are the elite, we are the 0.0000001% of the world who have spent the last four years of our lives either blackmailing or working our a**es off. There was something that got you here—whether it was daddy’s money or your #1 ranking in the nation, you are here and you are better.”

Her diatribe was posted on a blog covering everything Ivy League. You can read the rest of it here, but be warned, it uses some cuss words. I’m just warning you.

Gawker pokes some fun at Plano in the story. The site then proceeds to call her either really into herself, crazy, or a combo of the both (notice the Harvard comma there? ZING! Anyone…anyone?).

Then, SHRH goes on to say the newest incoming class at Princeton will change the world, like Napolean, Alexander the Great, and Hitler. Yup. She said it. Like Hitler. That’s not a good thing. I don’t know anyone who wants to be mentioned in the same breath as Hitler. Ever.

Frisco Jewel Heist!

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Frisco PD are trying to find the crooks who robbed the Ben Bridge Jewelers at Stonebriar Mall.

FPD says four men walked into the store at 10:30ish this morning, smashed the display cases with mallets, then dashed off with the jewels.

From the police release, here are suspect descriptions:

B/M husky build, wearing a hat.

B/M white shirt, black pants.

B/M white button up shirt, blue jeans, ball cap.

B/M  in a red hat with bright pink and green on it.

Info on Bus Wreck for Families

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We found out today that the bus company operating illegally, actually had two buses on the road to Carthage, Missouri.

Here’s some info for people with loved ones involved:


1-866-GET-INFO—Red Cross number for families of victims.

903-217-7651–Sherman PD number for victims/family members to get back some of their luggage/property.

Latest on Victims of Highway 75 Bus Crash

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At least 15 were killed.

Dallas Area Accident Victim Conditions Updates as of 530am, 8/9/08

Parkland Hospital–5 patients: 2 critical, 2 fair, 1 serious

Baylor University Medical–4 women, all critical condition

Methodist Medical Center–2 adults, both critical condition

Surprise in my rear-view mirror

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There’s plenty of construction going on in Downtown Dallas, near Deep Ellum.

Today, on Good Lattimer Expwy, I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw this…

At first I didn’t know what it was. Since traffic was not moving, I decided to get a better look, and saw it was a front loader. Not your regular street car.

Of course I’m thinking, If I don’t speed up, he’s going to dump all those rocks on me. Luckily, he didn’t.

DMV Fun Part 2

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I finally went to get my license this week…this time in Cedar Hill.

I decided to drive the 15+ miles from where I live because I heard the place doesn’t get too packed compared to other DMVs. It opens up 8am…so I got there at 730am…and saw this:

A healthy line of at least a dozen people.

Luckily, I was in and out of there in about an hour and 20 minutes.

Painless…compared to other DMVs.

Steal in Uptown, End up downtown

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Dallas police busted another suspect possibly connected with the Uptown burglaries. I walked into the room where the police were holding the loot…and it was mind-boggling.

Those boxes are filled with DVDs, clothes, CDs, a Bose radio, books (really?), video games and much, much more.

The box above? Yeah, that’s lingerie and power tools. The perfect combo….

This box is shoes…and computers.

A big screen…how does one “walk out” with a big screen? Wow…

The last pic is of stolen Louis Vuitton luggage. That’s not cheap.

Omar lays an egg

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I told readers of this blog that a woman named Melody named a canary after me. The red canary is vibrant red color and sings like a star. He also lays eggs. Lots of them:

I’m not a scientist, but I know it’s pretty hard for boy birds to lay eggs. Turns out, Omar is a lady bird (let the jokes begin).

Melody has changed Omar’s name to Oma. Oma has popped out 4 eggs.

I wonder if that makes me the father?

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