Illinois’ Governor loves him some T.O.

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Here’s the video I promised of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich at the Cowboys open practice this week.

He admits he’s a Cowboys fan, but a Bears fan first. And he’s a Tony Romo fan (East Illinois).

But….he LOVES him some T.O.!

Watch the video here:

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Omar lays an egg

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I told readers of this blog that a woman named Melody named a canary after me. The red canary is vibrant red color and sings like a star. He also lays eggs. Lots of them:

I’m not a scientist, but I know it’s pretty hard for boy birds to lay eggs. Turns out, Omar is a lady bird (let the jokes begin).

Melody has changed Omar’s name to Oma. Oma has popped out 4 eggs.

I wonder if that makes me the father?

Great… he’s blogging now.

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Miracle of miracles.

Welcome to my first blog post at “What Did Omar Say?”

I’m the new guy here at NBC 5, but I’m not new to Texas, or the area.  I’ve been gone a few years (more like seven years, but no one is counting, except my college friends).

Since I can blabber on this page without having a producer yelling in my ear to “WRAP!”, I’ve got a list of general things I plan on talking about:

 *my stories on NBC 5

* random things I see on the road

*local bands I see live in concert

*things I am trying to cook correctly


*other things I can’t cram into 60 seconds on TV, or would never make the news.

This is where you get involved.

If there is something I should know about, drop me a line at

My first post will follow soon. 

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