Cowboys Practice + Governor = Mark Cuban Owning the Cubs?

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The Governor was at the Dallas Cowboys open practice.

Not Texas Governor Rick Perry.

This guy:

The man on the far right is Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (pronounced “Bluh-goy-uh-vich”).

So why is the highest elected official of Illinois and an admitted Chicago Bears fan visiting Dallas Cowboys practice?


The Governor was in town for a fundraiser in Texas and decided to swing by Texas Stadium.

I chatted the Gov up about his trip. We talked sports and then the Chicago Cubs came up. I mentioned that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was very interested in buying the North Side’s Team…just to see what he’d say. 

Get this….Governor Blag said he met with Cuban Tuesday! What did they have to talk about? Why would the acting Governor of Illinois talk to Cuban? We all know Cuban doesn’t waste his time, so something productive had to have come from that meeting. What? I don’t know.

But the meeting makes people wonder (me) if Cuban is working all the angles to buy the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs current “acting owner” is Sam Zell, who Blagojevich knows. And, after some research, it turns out Blagojevich was a former Congressman, and his Congressional District included….wait for it…. Wrigley Field…where the Chicago Cubs play. It could all be coincidence. Or just smart backroom politics.

It’d be interesting to see, when the filings come out, if Cuban donated to Governor Blag’s campaign. Greasing the wheel for ownership maybe?


Cowboys Open Practice

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It’s been a good 15+ years since the Dallas Cowboys held an open practice at Texas Stadium.

Wednesday, the Cowboys opened it up for the local fans, free of charge.

Why?  To thank the fans, and say goodbye to Texas Stadium.

The parking lot at Texas Stadium was halfway packed…as was the stadium.

The Cowboy stars took the field….and before I get to the “on the field” stars, let me show the “sideline stars”.

Yup, the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders where there, in full force.

They were there for the autograph session, which turned into a rainy mess (I’ll get to that in another post, with pictures).

The players showed up on the field….offense in light colors, defense in dark colors.

Zach Thomas, below, walked out a little later.

Tony Romo, below, was one of the last to come running out of the big helmet.

Jerry Jones walked to the sidelines….and waved to the cheering crowd. I’ve never seen an owner get such a reaction from the crowd.

Coming up, what do you get when you mix Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and rain?

Plus, what was a certain, high profile, out of state politician doing at Texas stadium?

Answers and pictures to follow.

Want to see the Dallas Cowboys and get autographs?

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Need a Dallas Cowboys fix?

Couldn’t make it Oxnard to see the team practice?

Tired of seeing them on TV?

Then go see them LIVE!

The Dallas Cowboys are holding a FREE public practice at Texas Stadium!

You can watch Terrell, Tony, Adam, Flozell and all the Cowboys in person, on the field!

But wait, there’s more!

Fans can get Cowboy Cheerleader autographs and enjoy live entertainment!

Gates open at 430pm, practice starts at 7pm, and run to 9pm.

A bunch of old Cowboy greats will be there to sign autographs, including:

  • John Gesek
  • Walt Garrison
  • Bob Lilly
  • Pettis Norman
  • Raghib Ismail
  • Billy Joe Dupree
  • Russell Maryland
  • Eugene Lockhart
  • Calvin Hill
  • Robert Newhouse
  • Cliff Harris
  • Preston Pearson
  • Jay Saldi
  • Cornell Green
  • Charlie Waters
  • John Niland
  • Tony Dorsett
  • Rayfield Wright
  • Lee Roy Jordan
  • Ed “Too Tall” Jones
  • Mel Renfro
  • Jethro Pugh
  • Randy White
  • Expect a HUGE crowd!

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