Speaking of Garland…

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We have all heard of the Click It or Ticket campaign in Texas from the NHTSA.

Late last month, Garland Police cracked down on drivers and passengers not wearing seat belts.

Check out the numbers:

1,083 violations for not wearing a seat belt.

52 violations for no child safety seat.

876 “other” violations.

22 arrests.

1 DWI arrests.

*source : Garland Police Dept.


An officer can pull you over for not wearing a seat belt. I’ve been on a ride along before. This is something many officers are trained to look for. Save your self the hassle of a ticket, of getting pulled over, and possibly your life. But your seat belt on. It’s not that hard to remember.


Garland Police Officer Crash

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Scary moments for a Garland police officer. He was on his way to back up another officer when he swerved to miss another car. This happened to the officer:

 (source: Garland PD)

Notice the patrol unit upside down? The officer was taken by helicopter to the hospital.  Initial reports say he’s in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries. The officer did not have his emergency lights on, and no charges have been filed against the driver of the other car.



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