Plano West + Princeton = Puzzling Post

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Gawker has a story about a Plano West grad/Princeton University freshman. She calls herself Stephany Her RoyalHighness on Facebook.

Turns out, SHRH (shorter version) either loves satire or will be all of our bosses some day. In a mini-manifesto on the Princeton Class of 2012 Facebook page, she says:

“…do not let ANYONE tell you that you are not better than them, because you are. We are the elite, we are the 0.0000001% of the world who have spent the last four years of our lives either blackmailing or working our a**es off. There was something that got you here—whether it was daddy’s money or your #1 ranking in the nation, you are here and you are better.”

Her diatribe was posted on a blog covering everything Ivy League. You can read the rest of it here, but be warned, it uses some cuss words. I’m just warning you.

Gawker pokes some fun at Plano in the story. The site then proceeds to call her either really into herself, crazy, or a combo of the both (notice the Harvard comma there? ZING! Anyone…anyone?).

Then, SHRH goes on to say the newest incoming class at Princeton will change the world, like Napolean, Alexander the Great, and Hitler. Yup. She said it. Like Hitler. That’s not a good thing. I don’t know anyone who wants to be mentioned in the same breath as Hitler. Ever.


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