Do beards equal facial radiators?

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Let me introduce you to a good friend of mine…Kyle.

He’s a photojournalist in Tulsa…and somewhat of a beard enthusiast.

I mean he really loves his facial hair.

Almost to the point where we can track Kyle’s life through his facial hair. Basically… I remember Kyle based on what kind of beard or mustache he was sporting.

Above is “biker Kyle”. Below, is “proper gentleman Kyle”. Notice the hair:

Below is “Hippie Kyle”, complete with dazed look:


And this is Kyle pretending to be Elvis. I’m not sure if this is facial hair, or if he just needs a hair cut:

I asked Kyle why…in 100 degree heat… he had a beard. Wasn’t the hair trapping heat and melting his face?

Kyle told me that when he sweats, his scruff actually traps his sweat, and with a slight breeze, cools his face…almost like a car’s radiator.

I’m telling you this story because apparently, there is a whole chapter on facial hair in the “professional photojournalist” handbook. I say this because I noticed some of NBC 5’s photojournalists growing facial hair.

This is Victor Dominguez, our Chief Photographer, with some sort of recent growth on his upper lip.

Check out Brice Hill, with the Red-Headed Shadow on his face:

This is Kerry Smith. As long as I’ve known him,  he has always had a beard:

 And Mike Grimm has the smallest patch of hair in the world.

Apparently, there is some sort of beard-bug going on in the photojournalist world.



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