The Day Before the DISD Meeting—LIVE BLOG (update)

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DISDĀ  school board member Ron Price is holding a teacher/parent meeting at Wilson. A fellow reporter told me and my photog to grab b-roll fast, because Price is going to ask us to leave so teachers/parents can speak freely.

Rough guess? About 3 dozen people are here to listen and ask questions.

Right now, teachers are asking questions about what’s going on with the coming cutbacks, and how did DISD lose 84 million bucks.

Let’s just say, the teachers are not happy with Superintendent Michael Hinojosa and they want Price to lean into him tomorrow.

Some of the questions popping up:

Are you satisfied with Hinojosa’s offer to take a 5% paycut? Answer by Price: I’ll answer that when the camera’s are gone.

Is DISD’s fingerprinting system working and worth the money?

Why aren’t magnate schools on the list of teachers cut? Answer by Price: I don’t know. That’s a good question. i want to know why they aren’t part of the list.


Price says there are between 11-20 principals floating around without a school. Price says he talked to one, and told him, you’re in bad shape. Price says they should go before any teachers.


Someone asked if the district is at it’s highest tax rate. Price says, no, it isn’t. But the only way the district can get more money is by asking the voters for more money. He says in light of the current budget crisis, he doesn’t feel good doing that.


Price is also slinging barbs. He says he wants some stability in the CEO position for DISD. Price says he’s been through several superintedents searches, and says they are ugly, racial and politically driven.


DISD meeting tomorrow on Ross Ave at 3pm.


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