Denver Convention Pics

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I have friends on both sides of the political aisle going to both conventions. A college buddy of mine, Pat, sent these pics from the Dem Convention in Denver. Pat was using his cell phone, but happened to snap a pic of the podium with an image behind it that looks familiar. I believe that’s Tx State Rep and Dallas Pol Rafael Anchia:

Pretty high profile. Texas Monthly articles, now a pic at the convention.

The convention is also crawling with press:

There’s Katie Couric with the CBS crew touching up some spots.

That’s NM Gov Bill Richardson, getting ready to do an interview.


Rob Riggle with the Daily Show is there with Aasif Mandvi, connected to him…doing something for the Daily Show. Notice how more people crowd around the Daily Show then the politicians!


Former Presidential candidate and Mass Senator John Kerry, on the set with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and John King.


Got any pics from the convention? Send them to


Illinois’ Governor loves him some T.O.

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Here’s the video I promised of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich at the Cowboys open practice this week.

He admits he’s a Cowboys fan, but a Bears fan first. And he’s a Tony Romo fan (East Illinois).

But….he LOVES him some T.O.!

Watch the video here:

So, what do you think? Leave a comment.

Cowboys Practice + Governor = Mark Cuban Owning the Cubs?

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The Governor was at the Dallas Cowboys open practice.

Not Texas Governor Rick Perry.

This guy:

The man on the far right is Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (pronounced “Bluh-goy-uh-vich”).

So why is the highest elected official of Illinois and an admitted Chicago Bears fan visiting Dallas Cowboys practice?


The Governor was in town for a fundraiser in Texas and decided to swing by Texas Stadium.

I chatted the Gov up about his trip. We talked sports and then the Chicago Cubs came up. I mentioned that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was very interested in buying the North Side’s Team…just to see what he’d say. 

Get this….Governor Blag said he met with Cuban Tuesday! What did they have to talk about? Why would the acting Governor of Illinois talk to Cuban? We all know Cuban doesn’t waste his time, so something productive had to have come from that meeting. What? I don’t know.

But the meeting makes people wonder (me) if Cuban is working all the angles to buy the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs current “acting owner” is Sam Zell, who Blagojevich knows. And, after some research, it turns out Blagojevich was a former Congressman, and his Congressional District included….wait for it…. Wrigley Field…where the Chicago Cubs play. It could all be coincidence. Or just smart backroom politics.

It’d be interesting to see, when the filings come out, if Cuban donated to Governor Blag’s campaign. Greasing the wheel for ownership maybe?

Cowboys Open Practice

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It’s been a good 15+ years since the Dallas Cowboys held an open practice at Texas Stadium.

Wednesday, the Cowboys opened it up for the local fans, free of charge.

Why?  To thank the fans, and say goodbye to Texas Stadium.

The parking lot at Texas Stadium was halfway packed…as was the stadium.

The Cowboy stars took the field….and before I get to the “on the field” stars, let me show the “sideline stars”.

Yup, the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders where there, in full force.

They were there for the autograph session, which turned into a rainy mess (I’ll get to that in another post, with pictures).

The players showed up on the field….offense in light colors, defense in dark colors.

Zach Thomas, below, walked out a little later.

Tony Romo, below, was one of the last to come running out of the big helmet.

Jerry Jones walked to the sidelines….and waved to the cheering crowd. I’ve never seen an owner get such a reaction from the crowd.

Coming up, what do you get when you mix Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and rain?

Plus, what was a certain, high profile, out of state politician doing at Texas stadium?

Answers and pictures to follow.

Want to see the Dallas Cowboys and get autographs?

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Need a Dallas Cowboys fix?

Couldn’t make it Oxnard to see the team practice?

Tired of seeing them on TV?

Then go see them LIVE!

The Dallas Cowboys are holding a FREE public practice at Texas Stadium!

You can watch Terrell, Tony, Adam, Flozell and all the Cowboys in person, on the field!

But wait, there’s more!

Fans can get Cowboy Cheerleader autographs and enjoy live entertainment!

Gates open at 430pm, practice starts at 7pm, and run to 9pm.

A bunch of old Cowboy greats will be there to sign autographs, including:

  • John Gesek
  • Walt Garrison
  • Bob Lilly
  • Pettis Norman
  • Raghib Ismail
  • Billy Joe Dupree
  • Russell Maryland
  • Eugene Lockhart
  • Calvin Hill
  • Robert Newhouse
  • Cliff Harris
  • Preston Pearson
  • Jay Saldi
  • Cornell Green
  • Charlie Waters
  • John Niland
  • Tony Dorsett
  • Rayfield Wright
  • Lee Roy Jordan
  • Ed “Too Tall” Jones
  • Mel Renfro
  • Jethro Pugh
  • Randy White
  • Expect a HUGE crowd!

    Plano West + Princeton = Puzzling Post

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    Gawker has a story about a Plano West grad/Princeton University freshman. She calls herself Stephany Her RoyalHighness on Facebook.

    Turns out, SHRH (shorter version) either loves satire or will be all of our bosses some day. In a mini-manifesto on the Princeton Class of 2012 Facebook page, she says:

    “…do not let ANYONE tell you that you are not better than them, because you are. We are the elite, we are the 0.0000001% of the world who have spent the last four years of our lives either blackmailing or working our a**es off. There was something that got you here—whether it was daddy’s money or your #1 ranking in the nation, you are here and you are better.”

    Her diatribe was posted on a blog covering everything Ivy League. You can read the rest of it here, but be warned, it uses some cuss words. I’m just warning you.

    Gawker pokes some fun at Plano in the story. The site then proceeds to call her either really into herself, crazy, or a combo of the both (notice the Harvard comma there? ZING! Anyone…anyone?).

    Then, SHRH goes on to say the newest incoming class at Princeton will change the world, like Napolean, Alexander the Great, and Hitler. Yup. She said it. Like Hitler. That’s not a good thing. I don’t know anyone who wants to be mentioned in the same breath as Hitler. Ever.

    Frisco Jewel Heist!

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    Frisco PD are trying to find the crooks who robbed the Ben Bridge Jewelers at Stonebriar Mall.

    FPD says four men walked into the store at 10:30ish this morning, smashed the display cases with mallets, then dashed off with the jewels.

    From the police release, here are suspect descriptions:

    B/M husky build, wearing a hat.

    B/M white shirt, black pants.

    B/M white button up shirt, blue jeans, ball cap.

    B/M  in a red hat with bright pink and green on it.

    R.I.P Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes

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    Bernie Mac died yesterday at the age of 50. The dude was straight up funny.

    Mac was a talented comedian and actor. He did everything from a voice in “King of the Hill”, to “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Bad Santa”. He also had a great TV show called “The Bernie Mac Show.”

    He’ll be missed.

    Then news comes down that Isaac Hayes, actor and composer of the music for “Shaft”, passed away in Memphis on Sunday.

    Music buffs know him for his tunes. The younger generation know Isaac Hayes as the voice of “Chef” in South Park.

    Hayes got to use his deep, full voice to bring chef to life. He also got to use his musical prowess in songs on South Park. One of his songs is hugely popular, hilarious, and not safe for work, so I’ll not name it. But let’s just say if you “Googled” “Chocolate” and “Salty”, you’d find it.

    Info on Bus Wreck for Families

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    We found out today that the bus company operating illegally, actually had two buses on the road to Carthage, Missouri.

    Here’s some info for people with loved ones involved:


    1-866-GET-INFO—Red Cross number for families of victims.

    903-217-7651–Sherman PD number for victims/family members to get back some of their luggage/property.

    Latest on Victims of Highway 75 Bus Crash

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    At least 15 were killed.

    Dallas Area Accident Victim Conditions Updates as of 530am, 8/9/08

    Parkland Hospital–5 patients: 2 critical, 2 fair, 1 serious

    Baylor University Medical–4 women, all critical condition

    Methodist Medical Center–2 adults, both critical condition

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