Bobcat? Goldthwait?

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Some Dallas Street Services workers spotted some sort of wild cat in the greenbelt in South Dallas.

Here’s a cell phone pic one of the guys snapped:

Up top, you can see some animal crouching under a branch. Not a great picture, but it’s all I have.

But I learned plenty from doing this story. First, in the middle of South Dallas is a bobcat’s Beverly Hills…

We found some tracks that looked like a bobcats….but since I’m not an expert tracker, I couldn’t be sure.

I spoke to an expert at the Dallas Zoo. He told me there are actually 4 types of wild cats in Texas: Bobcat, Mountain Lion, Ocelot and Jagarundi.  I have never heard of a jagarundi, but here’s a pic.

Here’s some pictures of bobcats and other wild cats found in Texas:


Arlington Standoff

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Earlier this week, a standoff in Arlington ended with a woman dead… and her estranged husband behind bars. A 7 and 10 year-old escaped from the house before the shooting started.

The saddest part is that two children are now without a mother.

This was the scene on the ground when I got to the scene. It was a traffic jam of emergency vehicles.

At Channel 5, we have a policy of not showing certain types of video. We all saw the SWAT team pulling the bloody woman from her home.  Officers rushed her into an ambulance….

and into a waiting helicopter. They were performing chest compressions on her on the stretcher.

When SWAT went into the house, Ronald Neal shot at them several times. His gun ran out of ammo, and officers took him down without deadly force. He now faces two counts of attempted capital murder (for shooting at police officers) and one count of murder.

Even though he’s in jail, those two kids are now without a mom.


Weather Watch Part 2

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Apparently, I attract tornadoes.

Since I’ve moved back to North Texas, there have been a group of them. The most recent was the EF 1 in Canton.

But I’ve never covered a tornado in Storm Tracker H3. For some reason, when I’m in the H3, tornadoes chicken out.

So if you see this in front of your car…

there’s a threat of severe weather in the area. If I’m in it, there is a good chance there won’t be any tornadoes.

Great… he’s blogging now.

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Miracle of miracles.

Welcome to my first blog post at “What Did Omar Say?”

I’m the new guy here at NBC 5, but I’m not new to Texas, or the area.  I’ve been gone a few years (more like seven years, but no one is counting, except my college friends).

Since I can blabber on this page without having a producer yelling in my ear to “WRAP!”, I’ve got a list of general things I plan on talking about:

 *my stories on NBC 5

* random things I see on the road

*local bands I see live in concert

*things I am trying to cook correctly


*other things I can’t cram into 60 seconds on TV, or would never make the news.

This is where you get involved.

If there is something I should know about, drop me a line at

My first post will follow soon. 

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