Denver Convention Pics

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I have friends on both sides of the political aisle going to both conventions. A college buddy of mine, Pat, sent these pics from the Dem Convention in Denver. Pat was using his cell phone, but happened to snap a pic of the podium with an image behind it that looks familiar. I believe that’s Tx State Rep and Dallas Pol Rafael Anchia:

Pretty high profile. Texas Monthly articles, now a pic at the convention.

The convention is also crawling with press:

There’s Katie Couric with the CBS crew touching up some spots.

That’s NM Gov Bill Richardson, getting ready to do an interview.


Rob Riggle with the Daily Show is there with Aasif Mandvi, connected to him…doing something for the Daily Show. Notice how more people crowd around the Daily Show then the politicians!


Former Presidential candidate and Mass Senator John Kerry, on the set with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and John King.


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