I’m having nightmares….

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I did a story on the City of Dallas’ “Pride in your Neighborhood Program“.

Various city groups were there to talk to local residents about cleaning up the area. Dallas Police showed up…and brought this….THING.

It’s a Dallas Police officer. On a trike. It’s remote controlled, and talks and moves and does too many things like a human. It can also talk through a speaker¬†and move it’s jaw. Now, I’m not easily rattled, but this…..THING…gave me goosebumps.

A nearby officer was controlling the moves. But in my mind, when the officer isn’t looking….the THING scoots around in a garage, plots revenge, speaks in a scary voice and pops violent wheelies. And maybe even….GASP….gets off the trike and walks around.

The kids? Oh, they loved it. I wanted to run up to them and scream “Kids! Run for your lives! It’ll suck your soul away! It looks harmless, but save yourselves!”.

But I didn’t. The kids would come up to it, and just stare and laugh and point. Most of the adults kept a distance. I think it’s made by a Dallas company. I need to ask DPD about that.

I say DPD needs to get 100 of these things and parade them down the bad parts of town. I’m pretty sure the area will see a reduction in crime.



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