Two wheel parking

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A quick update to a story I did a few weeks ago on Dallas motorcycle riders asking for more parking in public places.

The groups “leader of the pack”, Raine Devries, started an online petition asking the city of Dallas for more parking in public spaces.

At last check, they have almost 800 signatures.

You might be thinking “It’s a motorcycle Park it anywhere!”. But it’s not that easy. Raine’s only mode of getting around is her motorcycle, and she tells me parking isn’t so easy. Sometimes, the spots are farther away than regular spot

 She’s not asking for special treatment, but she did point out it’s easier to steal a bike (two strong guys can throw it in a truck, she says).

She now has received some feedback from the city.

With more people turning to motorcycles for the MPG (according to the Motorcycle Industry Council) , her request is valid.




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