How much did that cost me?

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If you’ve been reading this blog lately, you might remember that I’m trying to stretch my miles-per-gallon.

I just recently stopped to gas up, even though I was only down half a tank. This was how many miles I drove on half a tank:

I’m pretty pumped about getting 209 miles. What I wasn’t pumped about was how much that half tank cost me….

And that was at $3.90-something a gallon! Whoa! I remember when I could refill half a tank for 10 bucks!


Gas Prices vs Tomato Prices

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Just about everyone is complaining about the price of gas.

Are the price of tomatoes going to get as much attentions as the price of gas? Check this out:




A gallon of gas is still cheaper than a pound of tomatoes. Granted, they are “organic”, which is premium, but it still hurts the pocketbook.


Brother, can you spare a gallon?

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My car was down to a quarter of a tank, and with the price of a gallon of gas going up almost daily, I decided to fill it up instead of waiting.

When we talk about “pain at the pump”, this is what it looks like:

Holy Moly ! That’s $4.19 for the cheap stuff! I’m not going to tell you the exact location of the station, but I’ll give some hints: The station didn’t display it’s gas prices on a sign, it’s in Dallas, and the place also has a restaurant built into it.

If you’re wondering, I didn’t fill up there. I went to another place.

Pump your gas with caution. 

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