Friday the 13th

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Witnesses say the suspect wore a disguise. Police say he was armed. It was Friday the 13th. It’s not a horror movie…it’s an attempted bank robbery that ended with no one hurt, and a suspect in cuffs.

On Friday in Fort Worth, Police arrested Larry Enos…and even though it was Friday the 13th…he wasn’t wearing one of these:

Instead…he was wearing this:

That’s not a dead dog, or a skinned cat, it’s actually a fake beard.

Needless to say, his disguise didn’t work. It looks like something that belongs to Ron Burgundy.



Cross Canadian Ragweed at Billy Bob’s

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I spent Saturday’ night in Fort Worth at the self-proclaimed world’s largest honkey-tonk to catch  Cross Canadian Ragweed‘s show.

I went with some friends of mine… who had no choice but to pose for a picture (picture proof I have friends):

From left to right, Cindy, Brandy and Denny.

Denny just happens to work at Gilley’s in Dallas. He’s seen just about every major country, red dirt act that comes through town…which is how he scored us these:

That, my friends, is the all access pass. But upon closer inspection, it said something else:

Apparently, it’s an “all excess” pass. Kind of funny. But it was a rare trip into the “VIP” life.

Not to worry, I didn’t milk the occasion.

We stayed on the sides of the stage, and this was actually my view:

Yeah, obstructed, but it’s Billy Bob’s. I got over it.

 I first saw Ragweed in Tulsa at Cain’s Ballroom. At that show, the crowd was standing in front of the stage, and the show was standing room only. It was rowdy, but the band loved it. They’re an Oklahoma band, so the home crowd was extra loud.

The concert had a very different feel Saturday night.  At Billy Bob’s, you’re not allowed to stand if you have seats in front of the stage. Since I was on the side, it didn’t matter. It made me wonder if the band was trying their hardest to get those fans up front pumped-up, only to realize, they were, but couldn’t stand up!

Either way, it was a great show.


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