Surprise in my rear-view mirror

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There’s plenty of construction going on in Downtown Dallas, near Deep Ellum.

Today, on Good Lattimer Expwy, I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw this…

At first I didn’t know what it was. Since traffic was not moving, I decided to get a better look, and saw it was a front loader. Not your regular street car.

Of course I’m thinking, If I don’t speed up, he’s going to dump all those rocks on me. Luckily, he didn’t.


DMV = Torture

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I’m off Mondays, so I decided to go get my car tags and license switched back to Texas. A little late, I know.

I woke up bright and early, went to the records building in Downtown Dallas, got my plates and then went to the DMV.

When I get there…it’s rock concert packed. Not like a “Metallica” rock concert, more like a “James Taylor” rock concert. I snapped a picture of all the people waiting…in ONE of the TWO packed rooms:

 I finally make my way up to the counter to get my license. I present the guy: my current valid Oklahoma license, my proof of insurance, my vehicle inspection and registration, show him my plates and present a US passport….and it wasn’t enough to get a drivers license. Needless to say, I was angry. Why wasn’t I getting a license? I was playing by the rules! What did I forget? My social security card.

With all the I-D theft stories I’ve done,  I have my social security card locked up in a little box, far from civilization. And this guy at the counter wanted it? My passport wasn’t enough?

Well, my girlfriend brought all her stuff, and at 930am, was handed this little stub:

The second line from the bottom says :Waiting Time: 2:29 hrs.

WHAT! It’s 930am! How many people are working? One?

We waited 10 minutes and only 1 name was called. At that pace, they’ll be calling her number sometime in September.

Two wheel parking

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A quick update to a story I did a few weeks ago on Dallas motorcycle riders asking for more parking in public places.

The groups “leader of the pack”, Raine Devries, started an online petition asking the city of Dallas for more parking in public spaces.

At last check, they have almost 800 signatures.

You might be thinking “It’s a motorcycle Park it anywhere!”. But it’s not that easy. Raine’s only mode of getting around is her motorcycle, and she tells me parking isn’t so easy. Sometimes, the spots are farther away than regular spot

 She’s not asking for special treatment, but she did point out it’s easier to steal a bike (two strong guys can throw it in a truck, she says).

She now has received some feedback from the city.

With more people turning to motorcycles for the MPG (according to the Motorcycle Industry Council) , her request is valid.



Wi-Fi in Oak Cliff

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I’m doing a story in Oak Cliff today… and my computer is not getting a great signal.

IF you look closely, you’ll see I only get two bars. Two bars? In the middle of one of Dallas’ oldest neighborhoods? Are carriers just forgetting Oak Cliff?

Just an observation that has me thinking…..

Brother, can you spare a gallon?

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My car was down to a quarter of a tank, and with the price of a gallon of gas going up almost daily, I decided to fill it up instead of waiting.

When we talk about “pain at the pump”, this is what it looks like:

Holy Moly ! That’s $4.19 for the cheap stuff! I’m not going to tell you the exact location of the station, but I’ll give some hints: The station didn’t display it’s gas prices on a sign, it’s in Dallas, and the place also has a restaurant built into it.

If you’re wondering, I didn’t fill up there. I went to another place.

Pump your gas with caution. 

Crackhouse for sale? SOLD!

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Oak Cliff gets a bum rap.  There are more than crime stories coming out of Oak Cliff.

Earlier this month, Friendship-West Baptist Church, volunteers and the DPD went door to door, talking to residents about how to improve the area.

On Saturday, I met with the guys from the Brooklyn Avenue Development Group.

The group’s leader, Matt Christensen (right), bought a crackhouse.

I’m not talking about a run down house. The police actually told him it was a crackhouse, where drug users would go to get high. The inside of the house was a mess. Spray paint on the walls, holes in the ceiling, dust coating everywhere, broken windows, a used toilet without plumbing (yeah, gross).

Matt and the group are buying these houses on their block to fix up.  Not to flip mind you, fix up. They haven’t sold them, but people are renting them. That’s all the start they’re looking for.

All the heavy work is contracted out (plumbing, electric), but the guys, with no carpenter skills, do the work. Matt says they’ve beaten a path to Home Depot to learn what to do and bookmark all the DIY sites.

Check out what they’ve done so far to the latest house:

(above: the master bathroom. Those aren’t bowls, those are the sinks!)

(above: the living room. They redid the brick for a gas burning place.)

(above: kitchen and living room ceilings)

Not bad for a few accountants and flight attendants! Their handy work looks great. 

They hope to clean up their neighborhood house by house, and get neighbors moved in.

Just another good story coming out of Oak Cliff.

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