I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller…

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DaSagana Diop just signed a 5-year, 32 million dollar deal. According to the DMN, he’ll be making more than 5 million bucks a year….then he’ll get pay raises, etc.

I’d be smiling that much, too, if I was making that kind of money. I’d be smiling even bigger, especially if I put up numbers like Diop.

This was his production this year: 2.9 points per game, 1.1 blocks per game, 5 rebounds per game (2 offensive, 2.9 defensive) and averaging 16.4 minutes a game.

Granted, he’s way better than me, and could easily swat my shot from the AAC to Garland, but that wouldn’t get the crowd cheering.

And they’re paying him how much?! Enough to pose for silly pictures.

That’s Diop on the left.

He’s now making Shane Battier money.  But statistically, Battier is a MUCH better player than Diop.

Now, some people will make the argument that the Mavericks are a better team with him on the floor. Really? Check out these numbers on Diop from 82games.com:

According to the site, for the 70+ games he was on the floor for the Mavericks and Nets, his team shot better when he was on the bench, and opposing teams shot better when he was on the floor. The Mavs are a better offensive rebounding team when he’s on the floor…but they grab more defensive boards when he’s on the bench. Ouch…not good for a 7 footer.

Will this signing help the Mavs? Let me know.



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  1. Omar, you should get a raise just for choosing an old hip-hop tune to headline this blog.

  2. The fact that I know that tune and line from the song… tells me that Omar is still in his 20s, early 30s like myself. Still cracking me up with his blogs and/or titles!

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