Garland Police Officer Crash

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Scary moments for a Garland police officer. He was on his way to back up another officer when he swerved to miss another car. This happened to the officer:

 (source: Garland PD)

Notice the patrol unit upside down? The officer was taken by helicopter to the hospital.  Initial reports say he’s in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries. The officer did not have his emergency lights on, and no charges have been filed against the driver of the other car.




Bobcat? Goldthwait?

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Some Dallas Street Services workers spotted some sort of wild cat in the greenbelt in South Dallas.

Here’s a cell phone pic one of the guys snapped:

Up top, you can see some animal crouching under a branch. Not a great picture, but it’s all I have.

But I learned plenty from doing this story. First, in the middle of South Dallas is a bobcat’s Beverly Hills…

We found some tracks that looked like a bobcats….but since I’m not an expert tracker, I couldn’t be sure.

I spoke to an expert at the Dallas Zoo. He told me there are actually 4 types of wild cats in Texas: Bobcat, Mountain Lion, Ocelot and Jagarundi.  I have never heard of a jagarundi, but here’s a pic.

Here’s some pictures of bobcats and other wild cats found in Texas:

Arlington Standoff Side Story

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As I mentioned earlier, there was some video from the standoff we just couldn’t show.

But in the video, when police were pulling the victim out, a dog was running around them, scared and lost.

Apparently, when police surrounded the house on Cunningham, they had to go into a neighbors back yard. When they did that, a beagle got loose.

This was the beagle running around. Meet Charleston:

The owner came home to a scary situation next door, and her beloved beagle missing.

Luckily,  a smart neighbor picked her up and took her in, then put the word out she had someones dog in her yard.

At least there is a small silver-lining to this sad story.


Arlington Standoff

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Earlier this week, a standoff in Arlington ended with a woman dead… and her estranged husband behind bars. A 7 and 10 year-old escaped from the house before the shooting started.

The saddest part is that two children are now without a mother.

This was the scene on the ground when I got to the scene. It was a traffic jam of emergency vehicles.

At Channel 5, we have a policy of not showing certain types of video. We all saw the SWAT team pulling the bloody woman from her home.  Officers rushed her into an ambulance….

and into a waiting helicopter. They were performing chest compressions on her on the stretcher.

When SWAT went into the house, Ronald Neal shot at them several times. His gun ran out of ammo, and officers took him down without deadly force. He now faces two counts of attempted capital murder (for shooting at police officers) and one count of murder.

Even though he’s in jail, those two kids are now without a mom.


Wi-Fi in Oak Cliff

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I’m doing a story in Oak Cliff today… and my computer is not getting a great signal.

IF you look closely, you’ll see I only get two bars. Two bars? In the middle of one of Dallas’ oldest neighborhoods? Are carriers just forgetting Oak Cliff?

Just an observation that has me thinking…..

Brother, can you spare a gallon?

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My car was down to a quarter of a tank, and with the price of a gallon of gas going up almost daily, I decided to fill it up instead of waiting.

When we talk about “pain at the pump”, this is what it looks like:

Holy Moly ! That’s $4.19 for the cheap stuff! I’m not going to tell you the exact location of the station, but I’ll give some hints: The station didn’t display it’s gas prices on a sign, it’s in Dallas, and the place also has a restaurant built into it.

If you’re wondering, I didn’t fill up there. I went to another place.

Pump your gas with caution. 

Cross Canadian Ragweed at Billy Bob’s

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I spent Saturday’ night in Fort Worth at the self-proclaimed world’s largest honkey-tonk to catch  Cross Canadian Ragweed‘s show.

I went with some friends of mine… who had no choice but to pose for a picture (picture proof I have friends):

From left to right, Cindy, Brandy and Denny.

Denny just happens to work at Gilley’s in Dallas. He’s seen just about every major country, red dirt act that comes through town…which is how he scored us these:

That, my friends, is the all access pass. But upon closer inspection, it said something else:

Apparently, it’s an “all excess” pass. Kind of funny. But it was a rare trip into the “VIP” life.

Not to worry, I didn’t milk the occasion.

We stayed on the sides of the stage, and this was actually my view:

Yeah, obstructed, but it’s Billy Bob’s. I got over it.

 I first saw Ragweed in Tulsa at Cain’s Ballroom. At that show, the crowd was standing in front of the stage, and the show was standing room only. It was rowdy, but the band loved it. They’re an Oklahoma band, so the home crowd was extra loud.

The concert had a very different feel Saturday night.  At Billy Bob’s, you’re not allowed to stand if you have seats in front of the stage. Since I was on the side, it didn’t matter. It made me wonder if the band was trying their hardest to get those fans up front pumped-up, only to realize, they were, but couldn’t stand up!

Either way, it was a great show.


I’m ready to talk about it…

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My apologies for disappearing.

A lot has happened since I last blogged.

The thing that hurts the most: the Spurs lost to the Lakers.

It’ll now be a while before I see this again.

It was a good run. Earlier, I predicted the Spurs wouldn’t make it to the Western Conference Finals. They almost didn’t.

But the Lakers were too much. Kobe is too good this year.  The Spurs showed their age.

But, being an optimist, there is always next year.

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