It’s hard to pay bills in jail

May 13, 2008 at 11:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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I got a chance to tour a mansion today that’s for sale. The seller? The U-S Marshals.

The house was seized as part of an illegal online prescription drug business.

The house is not complete, but is still impressive.  It’s 22,000 square feet, has seven bedrooms, seven full baths, four half baths, an indoor pool, three stories, granite countertops, etc, etc, etc.

Check out the front entrance:

This is one of the bathrooms, with a view from the tub.

But there are plenty of things missing. Check out one of the living areas. It looks nice, until you get closer:

The fireplace looks great, but the marble floor is not finished. When the Marshals took control of the house, construction came to a halt. Contractors just left everything as is.

Here’s the kitchen, but since the electric wiring isn’t finished, nothing works.

I found one of these tucked in a closet. Well, not really tucked in. It’s hard to hide.

This safe is pretty big. At least four feet tall. The person who was building the house is a convicted felon. I found it a bit funny that even criminals feel the need for a safe in their own homes…from other criminals.

The house is valued at 5 million, and opening bids start out at 617,000 dollars.



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  1. I love that story… I bet the owners never imagined they’d raise any red flags with their illegal business by building that thing! MESS.

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