Crackhouse for sale? SOLD!

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Oak Cliff gets a bum rap.  There are more than crime stories coming out of Oak Cliff.

Earlier this month, Friendship-West Baptist Church, volunteers and the DPD went door to door, talking to residents about how to improve the area.

On Saturday, I met with the guys from the Brooklyn Avenue Development Group.

The group’s leader, Matt Christensen (right), bought a crackhouse.

I’m not talking about a run down house. The police actually told him it was a crackhouse, where drug users would go to get high. The inside of the house was a mess. Spray paint on the walls, holes in the ceiling, dust coating everywhere, broken windows, a used toilet without plumbing (yeah, gross).

Matt and the group are buying these houses on their block to fix up.  Not to flip mind you, fix up. They haven’t sold them, but people are renting them. That’s all the start they’re looking for.

All the heavy work is contracted out (plumbing, electric), but the guys, with no carpenter skills, do the work. Matt says they’ve beaten a path to Home Depot to learn what to do and bookmark all the DIY sites.

Check out what they’ve done so far to the latest house:

(above: the master bathroom. Those aren’t bowls, those are the sinks!)

(above: the living room. They redid the brick for a gas burning place.)

(above: kitchen and living room ceilings)

Not bad for a few accountants and flight attendants! Their handy work looks great. 

They hope to clean up their neighborhood house by house, and get neighbors moved in.

Just another good story coming out of Oak Cliff.


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  1. Yea, Brooklyn!

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