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Not to bore you with NBA basketball talk… but here goes:

The playoffs start today, and I want to be on record as saying both the Spurs and Mavericks won’t make it to the conference finals.   As a Spurs fan, it hurts to say that.  It’s an even numbered year, and we never when on even numbered years. Plus, the West is just too strong this year for an older team like the Spurs to survive the pounding. When I heard the Spurs were playing the Suns, my first thought was “WHY NOW?”. As we speak, the Spurs are down 11-8 in the first quarter.

The Mavs are still missing a piece.  I don’t think Jason Kiddwas the piece they were missing.  Kidd is a HOF’er, but he’s never won a title in the NBA, and can’t tell Mavs players what it’s like.

That being said, I think the Mavericks will win the first round, due to the Hornets lack of experience (remember, a few years ago, Tyson Chandler was a punchline, Chris Paul was a rookie, and Bonzi Wells was a bench regular). After the Mavs win the first round,  bet on the other team.

For all you Spurs fans out there, Pounding the Rock is a great Spurs blog, covering plenty of team and player news. And if I’m right, a place to comment on the end of the dynasty.


I hope I’m wrong about this year. I’d love to see this for the fifth time.


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