“It sounded like a freight train!”

April 10, 2008 at 8:04 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Thursday night’s storms looked nasty on radar, but even worse on the ground.

Photojournalist Roy Hernandez picked me up from our Dallas office at 3:30am, and we hit the tollway going north.

Driving in this stuff as it blew through was like trying to sprint in a swimming pool. In some places on the tollway, it was pitch black.  The only light we had was from lightning.

We finally made our way to where we were hearing reports of bad damage. We found an apartment off Marsh Lane heavily damaged by the winds.

Those cars were lucky. The wind only bent the sheet metal covering their cars. But some car owners weren’t so lucky.

The winds had started peeling back the metal, then collapsed the support beams. That left smashed car windshields and dented roofs.

Cars weren’t the only thing scuffed up. Besides shattered windows, we also found roof shingles littering the area.

By this time, residents were walking around, looking at the damage. Several of them told me when the storm hit their place, it sounded like a freight train. One man told me it sounded like several freight trains. He said the wind was so loud, he couldn’t hear the thunder.

Most of the shattered trees were Bradford Pears, which are notoriously weak. But the damage was still significant.

After leaving the complex, we drove around and saw folded street signs, shattered store signs, and even found this :

That’s a huge metal street post that supports street signals. Notice the city worker at the base. That tells you how thick the pole was and what kind of wind it took to double it over.

Roy and I also found a neighborhood, oddly enough, named Bent Tree Hill.

Dozens of trees were bent over in the road.

More than 150,000 people lost power, but from what we found out, no one was seriously hurt.

If you have storm damage pictures, email them to me at omar.villafranca@nbcuni.com

I’ll try and put as many up as I can.



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